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October 5, 2006

Clips up & Scans

Dont know if anyone had noticed but I uploaded the PB clips for BURIED in the media section of the site. Also just a reminder PB wont air again until the 23rd of October due to the baseball games. *damn games* Anyways look for plenty of stuff to come to the site for you guys. Enjoy the rest of your week.2.07 Burried Clips – 2.07 Burried Clips – 2.07 Burried Clips – 2.07 Burried Clips – Prison Break Episode 2.07 Clips EDITED BY LYDIAGuess what? My friend and I went to see Chingy today and we saw A Wentworth Look-Alike. He was one of the security guards who helped us got in early because we had Chingy’s CD. Thank God coz otherwise we would have waited for nothing. Anyway, my friend thought the guy (Kevin) looked like Wentworth but didn’t mention it to me until we saw him again while getting something to eat. I thanked him for what he did earlier and my friend dared me to tell him that he looked like Wentworth which of course I did. I asked him if he knows Wentworth Miller from Prison break….he didn’t hear me then I said “you look like the guy from PB and he said he gets that alot. His head is shaped the same way as Wents, with buzz cut and all. He was cute but not Went cute..hehe. Now I wish I had taken his picture. Anyway, I didn’t post edit this just to tell you I MET CHINGY and that I saw Went look-alike. I have uploaded a Holland Magazine to the gallery. Huge thanks to my girl Josan at Simply Brad. Translation is going to follow in a bit because for some flocked up reason, our press page is gone. All the articles we have collected are gone. *deep breath Lyds* Also Mariette sent us a beautiful painting of Went. It’s on the FanArt page under Fanzone. You can compliment her in the comment box. And remember, email us if you have anything of sort you want to add to the page.I hope you all have a fabulous day tomorrow because I know I’m gonna (going to The Black Eyed Peas and Rihanna at the Beat Bash WHOOHOO). And HAPPY THANKSGIVING to my fellow Canucks here.

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October 1, 2006


Our new staff member Stacey has designed and coded this wonderful new layout! THANK YOU STACEY! We are still adjusting some pages but about 78% of the site is done. Please give us time to finish up all the pages. We will also be adding and taking away some pages as well. If you have any thoughts or suggestions for the site please dont hesitate to tell us. You can either leave a comment here or email any one of us. Hope you are all enjoying the weekend and if you havent noticed I uploaded the clips for SUBDIVISION! ENJOY!Subdivisions Clips – Subdivisions Clips – Subdivisions Clips – Subdivisions Clips – Subdivisions Clips I also added a new addition to the site and it’s an icon/avatar archive. If you have any you would like to donate please email any one of us. Also A huge Thanks to Carmaletta for donating so MANY of these wonderful icons.Icon / Avatar Archive – Icon / Avatar Archive – Icon / Avatar – Archive- Icon / Avatar Archive

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