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December 28, 2007

Wentworth Miller sighting….

Wentworth Miller catches a flight out of Chicago’s O’Hare airport. He caught up on his Vanity Fair and sipped on Starbucks before boarding Business Class.We are having some problems with uplaoding pictures to the gallery but be on the lookout for a bunch of pics and scans to be added very soon!I hope everyone had a safe and very happy holiday!{nl}{nl}

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December 22, 2007


{nl} We hope everyone has a safe and Happy Holiday!! To Wentworth Miller, may this year coming be a great year for you! Happy Christmas-Kwanza-Hannuka and Happy New Year to you all and your family. We hope you have a lovely one and be safe. It’s this time of year that lots of seneseless deaths happen so be careful and please don’t drink and drive. If you are going to get hammered, get a taxi or have a designated driver.The TRUE meaning of CHRISTmas:Visit this site: http://llerrah.com/truemeaningofchristmas.htm

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December 20, 2007

Prison Break mistakes….

{nl} Just thought I would share this vid I found on some mistakes from Prison break episode 3.8. Also winner has been chosen and will be contacted for info. Join us on Friday for a weekend contest. This time 2 will win!

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December 5, 2007


We have a winner! Tami is our winner for this week! Tami, we hope you enjoy your magazine. I will be mailing it tomorrow so you should receive it by Friday or Saturday at latest! Dont worry guys you all still have a chance! This week the contest will go from Dec 5th – Dec 16th. In order to enter you must leave a comment with a valid email address. We have four more magazine left! I will also be having a contest at the forum so keep an eye out for that! I will post more info on that at the forums tomorrow.Good Luck!{nl}{nl}

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