Early Life

Early LifeWentworth Earl Miller III was born on June 2, 1972. While he was born in Chipping Norten, Oxfordshire England, he was raised in Brooklyn New York. Wentworth�s background is very diverse as his father is of African American, Jamaican, English, German, Jewish and Cherokee descent and his mother is of Russian, French, Dutch, Syrian and Lebanese descent. When asked about his background Wentworth often says, �My father is black and my mother is white. Therefore, I could answer to either, which kind of makes me a racial Lone Ranger, caught between two communities.� He grew up in a strict academic environment with his father working as a Lawyer Educator and his mother as a Special Education Teacher. While studying at school Wentworth and his two sisters (Gillian and Leigh) were expected to take school seriously and were only allowed to listen to classical music. After 3 years at Midwood High School in Brooklyn, Wentworth transferred to Quaker Valley Senior High School in Sewickley, Pennsylvania. After graduating in 1990 he attended the prestigious Princeton University where he would perform with the a cappella group, The Princeton Tigertones. Wentworth received his degree in English Literature in 1995 and decided it was time to follow a new path.


CareerHe decided to move to Los Angeles and was hired as a temp to work behind the scenes and offices of several production companies. Within the years to come Wentworth found himself landing guest roles on shows such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, ER, Dinotopia, Joan of Arcadia, The Ghost Whisperer and the teen hit Popular. Many of these guest roles soon led to a role in the feature film The Human Stain with Nicole Kidman and Sir Anthony Hopkins. Wentworth was immediately attracted to the role, �I liked the script, Human Stain, a lot because it resonated with me as a minority. I thought I knew a lot of the subtext of what was going on with this character.� The film was well received by the viewers and critics alike, further pushing Wentworth�s name into the public. After The Human Stain he appeared in the movie Underworld with Kate Beckinsale and Mariah Carey�s 2005 music video We Belong Together. Wentworth�s career has sky rocketed thanks to his audition for the hit show Prison Break. He can now be seen weekly portraying the cunning and creative Michael Scofield alongside actors Dominic Purcell and Robert Knepper, just to name a few.

Private Life

Private LifeWentworth describes himself as a very private person, ''I wouldn't describe myself as a people person, I'm a private person, but that implies that I'm sitting on a mountain of secrets. The fact is, I'm a fairly quiet person. I have to laugh internally when I'm asked in interviews what nightspots I like to hit. I just don't have answers for those questions. So sometimes I make them up.'' He is currently living in L.A. and spends time relaxing when he�s not working. Wentworth is also single and remains to be so until he states otherwise.


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