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May 10, 2009

Little Snippet from The Man

Here’s another little spoilery tidbit about Kellerman. He will also appear in the scenes that take place 4 years later.


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May 9, 2009

The Series Finale – Promo

This is it guys, on Friday, May 15th, we will see the END of Prison Break! I can only hope and pray that we will see Michael either in movies or another TV Show!

Here is the promo of the last 2 remaining episode to air on May 15th.

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May 7, 2009

Latest from Kristin

The two-hour series finale of Prison Break airs Friday, May 15 on Fox, but we just got a copy of the episode and couldn’t hold our excitement. A certain mystery guest is making a very important appearance in the finale, so important, everyone’s lives depend on it.

Said guest may not have been a fan favorite at the time, but fans sure love this person now. By promise of death, we cannot tell you who returns. But suffice it to say that you’ll be shocked because this person has been pretty dead for a while now.

This mystery person is not the only familiar face who returns though. Rockmond Dunbar, Amaury Nolasco and Danay Garcia also come back, along with a new FBI agent named Chris Franco, played by über-creepy Ethan Rom of Lost (aka William Mapother).

Now, we know what you’re thinking: Tell us who the mystery person is! Sorry, we can’t. But there are more important things happening in the finale you should be wondering about. Like, say, will Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller) survive?

That is the one question we can’t possibly answer because that would take all the heartbreak fun out of the finale! Here are 10 things we can tease though:

* Someone takes a bullet to the chest.
* Someone has a very new girlfriend.
* A man dies.
* A woman dies.
* Two women are held hostage.
* Someone ends up a vegetable, and we’re not talking about the yummy, delicious kind.
* Someone goes back to Fox River State Penitentiary.
* Someone ends up in the electric chair.
* Two nemeses have very similar fates.
* Sarah is very dangerous with a gun (see above).

There will be more teases coming in Monday’s Spoiler Chat, but for now, it’s time for you to put your thinking caps on and hit the comments with your guesses on who the mystery person is and which characters are a part of the 10 teases.


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May 4, 2009

Major Spoilers of the End of Prison Break

Here is the latest from The Man

Click on more to find out what happens to Michael at the end of Prison Break, many of you (as I was) will be shocked and many more will be extremely angry!!!!!

How do you feel about the latest spoiler featuring Michael and his destiny…..let us know in the comments!



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April 30, 2009

A little update from The Man

The Man,
Do I have to see them to understand the very end of the episode 22 (the flashfoward)? Will there be some unanswered questions that will be answered in the two addictional episodes? One more thing: Did you see the season Finale? Did you enjoy it?

No you will not need to see eps 23 and 24 to understand it. There will only be one small question at the end of ep 22 that will be answered in eps 23 and 24.

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4.18 Promos


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April 29, 2009

Latest from The Man

In the last scene it ep 22 takes place 4 years after everything that has happened. You will see "Michael", Sara, Linc, Mahone, Sucre….

In the extra 2 hrs you will see michael and sara get married and then sara will go to prison. The gang will attempt to break her out and michael may try to sacrifice himself to get sara out. I am not going to give you the very end because i think you should watch the show since you have invested so much time into it.

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OMG, crazy, here are some spoiler, click on more to view them, I don’t want to spoil anyone who wants to stay spoiler free!


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April 28, 2009

The Best Michael and Sara Moments

Prison Break is coming to an end and there are only three episodes left. We put together a list of the top thirty Michael (Wentworth Miller) and Sara (Sarah Wayne Callies) moments over the past four seasons. Evidently, some people think that our list is out of order. So, we wanted to give everyone the opportunity to voice their own opinion. Flip through the slideshow below and then at the end, rearrange the slides so that they are to your liking. In a couple weeks, we’ll re-release the list with the consensus order as well as any moments you think we forgot and any moments that happen in the next few episodes.

For instance, the moment where Sara tells Michael that she’s pregnant could be a winner and might have to be added to the top 5. I guess that’ll depend on how he reacts. Also, some people loved our descriptions of the moments but some thought we left some crucial details out. Comment below the slideshow or in this article to give us your own take on MiSa.

Continue to read more!

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April 27, 2009

Latest from The Man

Jenzy: The Man, I just read that episode 22 flashes forward to see where the characters ended up four years later.

The rumor is going around that Michael dies. And that we see Sara and their son four years later.

Is that true?

The Man: Yes and No, the very last scenes of episode 22 take place 4 years in the future and yes Michael and Sara’s son will be seen. You will also learn what happened with Sucre, Mahone, Lincoln, C-Note, T-Bag, Sofia, LJ, Self, Kellerman

Source: The Man

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