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July 31, 2008

Latest from Kristin

Serena in Great Neck, N.Y.: Any Prison Break dish?

I’m hearing that vixen Gretchen (Jodi Lynn O’Keefe) may be getting a little tortured this season. Or possibly a lot tortured. Any comment from the Prison Break peanut gallery on that? Also, I caught part of the Prison Break panel at Comic-Con (before I had to run to another commitment), and they showed the first five minutes or so of the season premiere, in which Gretchen tells Michael that Sara is alive. (She’s aaaliiiive!) So it all does go down very fast, and it looks like the lovely Dr. Tancredi will be reunited with the lovely Michael “Hot Pants” Scofield in no time flat. (P.S.: Wentworth Miller wasn’t able to make the panel because he was working, and I swear you could hear the collective heartbreak of the crowd—including the girls sitting on each other’s laps right next to me in order to squeeze in to see him—when that sad news was announced.)

Source: E!Online

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July 30, 2008

Prison Break Promos

I have been getting a lot of email regarding Prison Break promos so I decided to make a post and post the promos I know of in this post, if you have any other promos send it to me and I will add it here. I will also add them to the video archive soon so you can download them as well.


Click below to check out the videos.


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Prison Break Spoilers

New Spoilers for Prison Break Season 4!! DO NOT continue if you want to stay spoiled free!!!

The A-Team

  • Some of the A-Team are still wanted men, and they may be chased a bit from other law enforcement outside The Company.

T-Bag and Gretchen

  • T-Bag and Gretchen will have some scenes together and they may/may not be interesting!
  • Mostly they are just working together … but perhaps they will be drawn together by some odd crazy attratcion to each other

T-Bag and Pad Man

  • As of right now each of these characters has their own scenes, but nothing with the two of them together.

Sara and Michael

  • There is a scene of them on a bed together …

Westmoreland’s Daughter

  • As of right now there are no plans to see her. Michae doesn’t have money to give her at the moment.

Lincoln and Michael

  • Will either of them die? Anything is possible, but he wouldn’t bet on it.


Will Michael kill somebody? He has changed over the past few seasons, but we’ll have to wait and see how far he will go.


Veronica could appear in a flashback, but thus far not in an episode.
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July 27, 2008

Prison Break – Comic Con 2008

I have been getting many emails regarding Prison Break at Comin Con and why I haven’t posted anything on it in particualr of pictures of Wentworth, well the reason is that our beloved Wentworth Miller who was suppose to appear in this years Comin Con with the rest of the cast from Prison Break did not show up. From what was told is that he was stuck in LA shooting some pick-ups which sucks because I would of loved to see some new photos of Wentworth, seems as though once everyone heard he was not going to attend fans started getting up and leaving. Wow!

You can read ALL about over at BuddyTV who did LIVE blogging of the event all weekend along with spoilers(which are so good) and much more. So go on and check it out.

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July 25, 2008

‘Prison Break’ Spin-Off Still in the Works

Months ago it was announced that the producers of Prison Break were planning to launch a spin-off set at a women’s prison, but the talks were quickly curtailed when the writers’ strike shut down Hollywood.  Now that production on the FOX series is back to normal, Prison Break executive producer Matt Olmstead and co-executive producer Zack Estrin have revealed that they still have plans for a spin-off.  The original idea was to introduce a female character on the regular series and then send her off into her own show, but that idea has been abandoned.  According to The Hollywood Reporter, the new series, which will likely be known as Prison Break: Cherry Hill, will instead have an all new cast of characters dealing with life in a women’s penitentiary.

Though the original plan involved spinning off an already established character, Olmstead revealed that a variety of problems led to the decision to go in another direction.  “We had trouble casting for it. . . then the strike happened,” he said.  “By the time we resumed the season, we decided to scrap that idea of doing it that way.  We’re in the homestretch of writing it.”

Estrin compared the idea for the new series to CSI: NY, stating that it would be a spin-off of the brand but not any of the characters.  Does Prison Break have strong enough name recognition to launch a sister show without any familiar faces?  In my opinion, the best spin-offs are those that differ greatly from their predecessors, while the forgettable ones are those that create the exact same show in a different location.  I’m worried that Prison Break: Cherry Hill will be too similar to the original show, with the sex of the characters being the only major difference.  However, if the creators provide an intriguing glimpse into the life of female prisoners, the show could wind up a success.

With the script for the spin-off’s pilot episode nearing completion, we should hear word soon about whether FOX plans to move ahead with it.  Until then, the original Prison Break will return with its fourth season premiere on September 1.

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July 23, 2008

New new new…

Hello everyone,

It took a very long time but we finally have a new look for Wentworth Miller Online, I also converted the site into wordpress which I think is so much better.

What do you think of the new look? What would you like to see change or added. I wanna hear from you so post in the comments.

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More spoilers and another promo.

More spoilers – this time covering Michael, T-Bag, Don, and Maricruz

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July 22, 2008

New Promo

{nl}Here is another promo for PB4!!!!

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July 19, 2008

Prison Break Season 05?

Nick Santora hints that the writers would stay{nl}around as long as the network asks, even though everyone says that{nl}Prison Break Season 4 will be the last.{nl}“We will continue to make PB for as long as the network asks us to,” Nick writes on PBreakFans. “But{nl}if we are not asked back for a 5th season or a 6th or whatever, that{nl}would be the end of the road. But we, as writer/producers, don’t worry{nl}about that stuff

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July 9, 2008

More spoilers and a new promo!

Here is a promo for the 2008 FOX shows which includes Prison Break!SPOILERS!!!Here are some more spoilers for Prison Break Season 04! DO NOT continue if you do not want to be spoiled!!!The Scylla six heads does NOT refer to the A-Team (Michael, Lincoln, Sarah, Sucre, Bellick, Mahone).{nl}Lincoln will possibly mention what he did with the head in the box.{nl}The Company will not threaten Sucre’s baby. At least not in these episodes.{nl}Sofia’s character will be minor – like LJ’s character in Season 3.{nl}We will be told what happened with Sara, not shown … at least for now.{nl}Although we see Sucre with his baby, we will also see him fighting the Company.{nl}There are several events that happen in the first episode to bring together Michael and Lincoln. Michael’s tattoo removal will be explained in the first episode.{nl}Sucre’s baby is a girl, or so The Man thinks. He’s not sure!{nl}Michael does NOT go back to prison. The crew is spending a lot of time in a warehouse that FEELS like a prison.{nl}Maricruz is fine.{nl}{nl}{nl}

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