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August 31, 2008

Almost there!

OMG guys just 1 more day!!! Tomorrow is the season premiere of Prison Break!! Yay!!!

Who can’t wait?

I am having a Prison Break party! A few friends and I will be having a whole night of Prison Break watching the last few episodes of Season 3 and then watching the premiere on HD and no one better bother us!

Do you have any big plans for the premiere?

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Went & Sarah Interview (2)

Happy Sunday Everyone!

Here is part two as promised.

We also have a little  to give you a feel for part of the filming process.

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August 30, 2008

Matt Olmstead talks Prison Break

( 2 more days before the premiere of Prison Break on September 1, 2008 at 8pm on FOX)

MediaWeek does an interview on the set of Prison Break Season 4. Matt Olmstead talks about the popularity of the show.

It’s one of the few shows on air that has real men,” he says. “There’s a lot of shows recently on network television about p*ssies essentially. Guys don’t relate to them and women don’t want to watch them. And this is a show about real guys and I think that a lot of people like that in the true heroic sense. They really like the characters in this show.

Matt also talks about ditching the remaining plotlines of Season 3 (from the strike) in favor of starting Season 4 where it currently stands. Thanks Marisa for the tip!

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August 29, 2008

Prison 4.01 and 4.02 previews!

First, from the MAN!
What prompts Michael to go see the doctor, does he have a seizure or collapses? If so, does Linc witness this?
Michael has a little trouble standing when he is with Sucre and then he falls over later, so Sara takes him to the hospital.

Wow, I can’t believe we are now just about 3 days away from the 2 hour premiere of Prison Break!! I hope I am not the only one excited about this here!!! It has been way to long and I need my PB fix already!

In the mean time to hold us down for a few more days here are FOUR Prison Break previews from episode 4.01 Scylla and episode 4.02 Breaking and Entering which will air back to back giving us 2 full hours of Prison Break!!!

Click for more previews!!


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August 28, 2008

10 Questions with Wentworth Miller

First here is a video of the gang during their photoshoot for FOX.


1. Was Michael’s reunion with Sara everything you hoped it would be?
Absolutely. I was just happy to see Sara back. I really felt her absence Season Three. I felt that her return was important not only to my character, but also to the show in general. What can I say; the fans have spoken. Sara returns.

2. At what point did you realize that Sarah Wayne Callies might be coming back?
I think it was at some point during the strike that I started hearing rumors that Sarah was returning, that the fans were organizing write-ins and petitions and I think that’s emblematic of where we are in terms of television and the media. It’s very much a back and forth conversation between the fans and the writers, between the writers and the powers that be. Their opinions, especially when expressed online or via correspondence, are important and are taken into consideration.

3. Obviously reattaching someone’s head is a bit of a tall order. What can you tell us about how this comes off in the first couple of episodes?
I think that we address it as plausibly as possible. It helps that the show is kind of fantastic and I feel like we’ve gotten away with worse. But at the same time, we do provide an explanation and we don’t tease the audience. It’s not a flash of Sara’s ponytail disappearing down an ally for the first episodes, everyone wondering when she’ll actually make a face-to-face with Michael. She’s back first episode. Michael and Sara reunited, and then the gang hits the ground running because there’s work to do.


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August 27, 2008

Latest from TV Guide

Is it true that Prison Break’s Michael is losing the tattoo? I felt so bad for Wentworth stuck in long-sleeved shirts in the Dallas sun! — Christine

Matt: ‘Tis true. As you’ll see on Monday night, Scofield books a (truly grueling) date with a dermatologist so as to better safeguard his identity as well as afford him greater wardrobe options (including shirtlessness, the ladyfolk hope). “It was a laborious process putting that [fake tattoo] on,” says a relieved Wentworth Miller. “I am looking forward to rolling my sleeves up!” (FYI: I’m one-and-a-half episodes into the new season, and he has yet to do that. Patience!)

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August 26, 2008

More Spoilers from The Man!

I just heard that Michael is going to get some devastating news in episode 4.10 Could you please tell me what that news is or could you tell me if Michael will be OK. Please tell me anything as long as Michael will be OK.
Michael is going to see a doctor in episode 10 to have some tests done. Up to that point you are going to learn a little bit about Michael and that he has some kind of health issue. There is some connection between this condition and Michael and Linc’s mother. Michael will be suffering from nosebleeds. Beyond that there is not a whole lot I can tell you at this point.

Will Don bring up some of the people who’ve died in past seasons that can be traced back to The Company, ex: Veronica,General Zavala, etc. or will he mention past events from the first two seasons at all?
There hasn’t been much mention of previous cast members yet, but it could come up in the future.

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August 25, 2008

New Forum theme!

Well it’s been long overdue but we finally have a new theme up at the forums! Go check it out and please comment and let me know what you think! I personally love it, the other theme was dark and this one is a little more brighter, a change will do some good once in a while.
I hope you all like it! Enjoy!


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August 24, 2008

For the MiSa Lovers!

Part one of the latest


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MOREEEEE Spoilers!

Hello, The_Man. After reading all these posts I must admit you’re unusually patient man. Rolling Eyes. OK, let’s return to the point. I haven’t found any question concerning Michael’s tattoo.
Some time ago Went said (in some interview I think) that his tattoo is going to be important again in this new season.
There were some rumours about tattoo removal. Is that true? OR – if you prefer – what exactly is the importance of Scofield’s tattoo in season 4?
Thanks a lot for your answer.

Michael’s tattoo is addressed in the first episode.

I have a question, that isn’t actually a spoilery question, it was about the schedules, some rumors are going around that the show will air only in 2008, since Fox has Dollhouse lined up for Monday night beginning January, can you tell us anything about this schedules? Will we have the usual hiatus? Or will the show really only air until the end of 2008, even if it does have all 22 episodes? Thank you in advance, and thank you for being so kind to answer all our questions!
As far as I have heard they are planning for a full season. Dollhouse only has 13 episodes for its first season. So Prison Break will be on in the Fall and then take a break, In Jan. Dollhouse and 24 will be on…around end of March beginning of April Prison Break should come back and finish the season with 24.

The first question is about Sucre and his changing. I already read that this changing will be physical but will there also be a mental changing?And does he influence his changing or is he forced to do it or is it because of nature( for example growing hair)?And would you say he is still the same charming Sucre from season 1 and 2 or the more serious Sucre from season 3 or a little of both?
I would say that due to the experiences he has been through Sucre will be a combination of the Sucre from all seasons. I’m not sure what they mean about a physical change.

Will the character Jane(the woman who worked with Aldo, Lj stayed with her) appear or is she going to be mentioned?
So far no, but it is still early so anything is possible.

What about the fact that Veronica is dead?I mean Lj has still no idea because there wasn’t enough time for Linc to tell Lj what happened to Veronica so will there be a scene in which they talk about Veronica?In which Lj asks Linc where Veronica is?
Lincoln could have told LJ when he picked him up from being released from jail in Season 2. They spent a good amount of time together and I am sure Linc told LJ. It is one of those things that happened while you were watching something else going on.

Any plans to bring back Agent Lang?
The interaction between her and Mahone was one of the best parts about Season 3.
Yes you will see Lang again.

Is the Michael Rappaport character going to have a main role in this season who will appear in many scenes or will he have just a supporting role?
He’s not a main character like Michael or Lincoln, but you will see him often enough.

Is there a chance that we’re going to know, what happened to those people working together with Aldo? As I know, they had the same strong will to bring the Company down, as Aldo himself. Maybe they could be useful for Michael and Lincoln, now?!
All I can say on that is watch the show.

Can you tell us something about Mahone, for example how the cooperation between Mahone and the brothers will look this season (any tensions with Lincoln)? Is Mahone playing more important role this season than he was in season three?
There will be times when there might be some conflict but Michael and Mahone have an understanding and a hesitant respect of each other and what the other can do. Lincoln and Mahone will be more interesting but they may even find something to bring them closer together.

The_Man, in what episode will Roland Glenn (The Hacker played by James Hiroyuki Liao) be introduced?
I think that I heard somewhere the second episode. Confused

What with Westmoreland money?
Westmoreland’s money was kicked into the water by Bill Kim and retrieved by the Panamanian Government..

The money was split through all of the Police Officers and Soldiers. That is the end of the money.

Source: The Man

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