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September 10, 2008

Prison Break 4.04 Sneak Peek

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September 9, 2008

PB 4.03 Download and Screencaps

I have been getting TONS of emails and comments about the videos and while I feel really bad about it I just can’t post them for download directly from thsi site anymore. I am so very sorry. FOX demanded that I remove the links to all the videos of PB that I have made or they will take actions so I simply can’t do it anymore, sorry.

However here is a download link of the episode from last night for you guys:


If you can’t download from that page let me know and I will find another link for you all.

Screencaps coming soon so check back for that.

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September 8, 2008

Prison Break Videos

I know I have shut down the video gallery due to copyright issues that came about, however you can still watch the entire episode of Prison Break!

Watch Scylla Now! (Episode 4.01)

Watch Breaking and Entering Now! (Episode 4.02)

Now tonights episode will hopefully be up soon so stay tuned for the link! How awesome was today’s show!! Post your thoughts on the show in the comments or go and discuss the show over at our forum!

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Exclusive Video Interview

In part 1 of BuddyTV’s exclusive video interview with Wentworth Miller and Sarah Wayne Callies, the pair talked about the complex relationship between Michael and Sara and how it will play out on season 4 of Prison Break. Now, with the exciting two-hour premiere airing tonight at 8pm on FOX, we’re back for part 2.

In this video, Miller and Callies talk more about the action of season 4. While past seasons focused on breaking out of prison or being on the run, season 4 once again resets the clock and brings a whole new approach to Prison Break. Continue reading to watch our video interview with these stars.

-Miller describes the new season as a mix between The A-Team and Ocean’s 11. While past seasons scattered the stars, season 4 brings Michael, Lincoln, Sara, Mahone, Bellick and Sucre all together to aide others in bringing down the Company.

-Callies adds that this year, the prison, which seems to be lacking, is actually allegorical for the emotional baggage that imprisons the main characters, and their desire to break out of it.

-When asked about the overwhelming fan reaction to Sara Tancredi’s supposed death last season, Callies was incredibly grateful to the fans that wrote in and voiced their anger over the death. As someone who started in the theater, Callies was glad to have an actual reaction from an audience which is typically missing in TV. “With television, you don’t really get a chance to interact with the audience,” Callies said. “And I do very little checking out of things online because I find it gets in my head in ways that I don’t think are healthy. So I really didn’t know how fans felt, and then they got me my job back.”

-Much as BuddyTV fans might obsess over Wentworth Miller, he says the reaction he personally receives is actually rather tame, which he enjoys. However, one fan did send him a pillow and a pair of handcuffs, though he still thought that was sweet. He describes Prison Break as a modest hit in the United States, but abroad, such as in France or Japan, he feels like a rock star because the show does even better there.

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September 5, 2008

Nick Santora Interview

Tobias: The season premiere was brilliant! Are you a disappointed of the TV rating (6.48 Million viewers)? Do you think there are reasons for it?
Nick: You always want more people to watch your show, but it was the Labor Day holiday and millions of Americans were still traveling back to their homes when the show was on. Also, the Republican Convention was on and that drew a huge audience. Television viewing was low across the board that night, but we were still the number 1 show of the night.

Tobias: Why is there no intro in Season 4? Are there any special reasons?
Nick: There is an intro – it just wasn’t used on premiere night.

Tobias: How much time takes it to write an episode?
Nick: It depends – it usually takes a couple of weeks to come up with the outline and a couple of days to write it … writing the script is always easier than figuring out the outline (we call it “breaking the story”).

Tobias: On witch episode is the team working at the moment?
Nick: We are working on episode 13 right now (writing) and filming episode 10


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September 4, 2008

Ten Things You Never Knew

Ten Things You Never Knew About Wentworth Miller

Wentworth Miller is an overnight success ten years in the making. The Ivy League scholar paid his dues with bit parts including a student-turned-sea monster in Buffy The Vampire Slayer before landing his big break playing the young Anthony Hopkins in The Human Stain. However, it was his role as brooding jailbird Michael Scofield in Prison Break that catapulted him firmly on to the TV A-list. As the US drama returns for a fourth season on Sky1 this week, we serve up a few tantalising titbits about the man behind the tattoos.

1. Wentworth was born in Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, but his family moved to Brooklyn when he was just one year old.

2. Wentworth’s ancestry is complicated enough to put even Johnny Depp to shame – his mum is Russian, French, Syrian, Lebanese and Dutch, while his dad is African-American, Jamaican, English, German and Cherokee.

3. Speaking of ancestry, Wentworth is determined to keep the family name going strong. He is Wentworth Miller III and his dad is Wentworth Miller II, so no prizes for guessing the name he’s picked out for his future offspring.


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September 3, 2008

Videos Offline

Hey guys I am so very sorry to do this but I have to put the videos offline, I will let you know when I will have it back up.

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PB Ratings Down

Prison Break suffered a large ratings drop last night with the premiere of Season 4. Nielsen TV Ratings have the show at 6.48 million viewers, down from 7.41 million viewers for the Season 3 premiere.

Come on everyone, we need to all tune in next week!

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September 2, 2008

Videos Added

I uploaded both FULL episodes that aired last night of Prison Break to the video archive so be sure to check them out! Also the screencaps will be up shortly, sorry for being so late with this.

I hope you all enjoy and don’t forget to stop by the forum and discuss the show with fellow members!

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September 1, 2008

PB thoughts???

So the premiere in my opinion was truly amazing!! I don’t want to spoil anyone by talking about here on the main site but go on over to the forums and discuss your thoughts on the show or post your opinions in the comments!


Oh and don’t forget to keep checking back for clips and screencaps of the show later on tonight!

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