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April 17, 2009

No Prison Break Spin-Off Planned

In a conference call, Matt Olmstead also chatted about the originally proposed Prison Break spin-off.

“There’s no plan for a Prison Break spin-off. We did a script for what would be establishing a character in season three,” Olmstead said in answer to the question from The Deadblot News . “A female character, and then spinning her off into, essentially, a female prison show.

And there were a couple hurdles involved. We couldn’t get the actress, the strike happened, and when we came back the show was in its last season. You know, The Sarah Conner Chronicles wasn’t doing that great and there’s a host of reasons why that idea, that project, cooled. Who’s to say if it could get a spark again? I’m not counting on it. You know, my days aren’t based around it, but for me the show is done.

Matt said there is nothing in the stages, and although it is not officiall dead, it’s not likely. “It’s on the ground, leg is twitching, but there is still a heartbeat perhaps.

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April 16, 2009

Michael and Sara’s Fate

As part of the conference call with Matt Olmstead , he chatted a bit about the fate of Michael and Sara, and he hopes that their ending is satisfying for all the fans!

I’ll tell you this. It’s wrapped up unexpectedly because for a while there they were, just for like an episode or so, it felt like they were kind of Bonnie and Clyde. It worked for one episode, which is kind of coming up. It was that same fear of what do you do with two characters that there’s a real charged, fresh aspect to their relationship if they’re stuck together do they become the Lockhorns? What are they going to do after a while? That’s kind of the reason why in season three we had her character “killed” because there’s almost a disservice to the actor and the character like what are we going to do with her once they’re together because there’s always been walls between them?


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Michael’s Tattoo Removal

Michael Scofield ’s tattoo removal has always been a bit far-fetched, but it seems the reason for the lack of tattoos is completely justified!

When asked what the show’s biggest leap of logic has been over the series, Executive Producer Matt Olmstead admits it’s the tattoo.

Wentworth was developing a skin irritation to having this thing applied to his body constantly, which I can get, even like the ones that were just on his arm. So we had to figure out a way; instead of him wearing long-sleeved shirts all the time can we zap the tattoo?

Since they were working for the government we kind of fudged it a little bit where he was in a super-secret tattoo removal place ten miles from South Dakota, but who knows. So we established that and it went away. It was a little bit of a wank. When I look at the other ones that we did I obviously don’t, we took a lot of those, but the momentum of the show I think accommodated that. This one for me was a little bit tough to swallow.

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April 15, 2009

Season Two Highlights

Prison Break may be coming to an end, but we can still revisit the past. Let’s take a look back at what started this amazing show.

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Episode 4.18 Stills

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Episode 4.17 Stills

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April 12, 2009

Episode 4.19 – S.O.B. – Press Release


Michael has an uneasy reunion with Christina, who drops a bombshell regarding Lincoln. Lincoln races to stop Christina’s deadly master plan. T-Bag must prove he is a Company man in the “S.O.B.” episode of PRISON BREAK airing Friday, May 1 (8:00-9:01 PM ET/PT) on FOX. (PB-419) (TV-14 L, V)

Cast: Dominic Purcell as Lincoln Burrows; Wentworth Miller as Michael Scofield; Michael Rapaport as Don Self; Robert Knepper as Theodore “T-Bag” Bagwell; Sarah Wayne Callies as Dr. Sara Tancredi; William Fichtner as Alexander Mahone

Guest Cast: Kathleen Quinlan as Christina Scofield; Leon Russom as General Jonathan Krantz/Pad Man; Ted King as Downey; Raphel Sbarge as Ralph Becker; Anthony Azizi as Naveen Banerjee; Ivar Brogger as Vincent Sandinsky

Source: FOX

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Season 4 DVD Available for Pre-Order

As you probably know, the 4th and final season of Prison Break is coming to DVD on June 2nd, following onto home video fairly soon after a two-hour broadcast of the series finale on May 15th. BUT WAIT! The show isn’t over just yet:

The shocking series conclusion was just the beginning. Secrets revealed and mysteries solved. The truth will blow you away.

That’s the text of a studio description for Prison Break – The Final Break, a direct-to-video release that Fox Home Entertainment has mentioned in an early alert to retailers. Available on both DVD and high-def Blu-ray Disc starting July 21st, this 88-minute feature will put the exclamation point at the end of a four-year-long "sentence".

The DVD release will come in anamorphic widescreen video, with English 5.1 Dolby Surround Sound and optional Subtitles in English, French and Spanish. Cost is $26.99 SRP in the USA, and CA$37.99 SRP in Canada. It’s available to pre-order from Amazon for $18.99 (discounted prices are subject to change at Amazon’s discretion, without notice).

The Blu-ray Disc release will come with 1080p high-resolution widescreen video, and English 5.1 DTS HD Master Audio. Optional English, French and Spanish Subtitles are available here as well. Exclusive to the Blu release is the Bonus Material listed on this early alert as "The Old Ball and Chain & Free". Cost is $29.99 SRP for the BD format release, and it is also available to pre-order from Amazon at a discount.

Please bear in mind that this is early information, and could be subject to change. Package art is still pending; stay tuned for that and any updates we receive about the product!

Source: TV Shows on DVD

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April 11, 2009

Another Promo

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‘Prison Break’ faces beginning of the end

Two brothers at odds, and Mama makes three.

On Friday, April 17, Fox’s "Prison Break" returns for the first of its final run of episodes, having been warned early enough that its fourth season would be it to plan for a bang-up finale.

"We knew at the beginning of the season that it was most likely the last," executive producer Matt Olmstead says. "We had a real chance -which we took advantage of -in terms of properly wrapping up the show."

"The fact that it’s four seasons," says Robert Knepper, who plays the nefarious crook and con man Theodore "T-Bag" Bagwell, "it’s a complete number, four.

"It just feels like there’s a closure to it, as opposed to a lot of shows; they leave you hanging because they didn’t know how to end it, or they got snagged off the air."

After three-plus seasons of half brothers Michael and Lincoln (Wentworth Miller, Dominic Purcell) breaking themselves and each other into and out of prisons from Illinois to Panama, Olmstead starts this run with a twist.

This season, the brothers and their motley crew of friends, cellmates and former enemies (like T-Bag) have been battling the enigmatic Company that has played puppeteer with their lives.

And, as it turns out, the mother (Kathleen Quinlan) they share is not only not dead but up to her neck in the conspiracy.

Source: The Sudbury Star

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