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October 25, 2007

Prison Break: Cherry Hill

Fox has ordered a script for a Prison Break spin-off called Prison Break: Cherry Hill, according to The Hollywood Reporter.{nl}Cherry Hill????????{nl}PB exec producers Matt Olmstead and Zac Estrin are already penning the script for the potential new series.{nl}Cherry Hill would be set at a women’s prison and center on Molly, a new regular character that will be introduced on PB later this season.{nl}After suffering a family tragedy at the hands of the Company

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  1. i might watch just out of respect for the show and to see if its negood. well see who this new chick is and the chemistry btween her and mike. idk now though. a womens prison? cherry hill? at least come up with a better name.

    Comment by Tami — October 25, 2007 @ 5:59 pm

  2. NO! that would be horrible!!!!!!! who wants to watch a women's prison? disgusting!!

    Comment by Joe — October 26, 2007 @ 12:59 am

  3. thats a big fat NO.

    Comment by nika — October 26, 2007 @ 1:09 am

  4. I think it would be interesting to see how women prisons are run. You don't see that on TV at all so I might watch just out of curiosity and respect for the original PB. Why did they have to call it "Cherry Hill"? OMG, they couldn't think of a better name for it. Good grief :1:

    Comment by MJ — October 26, 2007 @ 12:18 pm

  5. is wentworth not supposed in germany from yesterday!?

    Comment by le — October 26, 2007 @ 1:28 pm


    Comment by DODOLiCiOUS — October 27, 2007 @ 12:19 am

  7. i actually think season 3 is awesome!! its not as good as season 2 but its still really good!!!

    Comment by le — October 27, 2007 @ 8:25 am

  8. after what they did to sara? HELL NO.

    Comment by Amy — October 28, 2007 @ 12:49 am

  9. Season 3 sucks, and they 'd better think about finding good ideas to save the show or at least, end it with honors than spending time with stupid ideas like a spin off show. The synopsis of this PB with estrogen seems ridiculous, and it's so sad than this wonderful show became a stupid non-sense story :9: . The script-writers don't know where they're leading us. It's sad for Wentworth. I hope his carrer won't suffer of it. :lurk:

    Comment by NM — October 28, 2007 @ 8:41 pm

  10. What a crock. There will never be another Prison Break, they're just being stupid. Stupid stupid stupid.

    Comment by Ashleigh — October 29, 2007 @ 12:56 am

  11. I would not watch it!

    Comment by G. — October 29, 2007 @ 3:37 pm

  12. It is a very stupid idea! I won't watch it!! I'm already very dissappointed by S3, Sara"s exit was a shame!!!

    Comment by mara — October 29, 2007 @ 6:30 pm

  13. yeah i hate the way they killed of sara as well and dont get me wrong cause i ADORED sara but seriously when have any of the killings on prison break been nice!?

    Comment by le — October 29, 2007 @ 6:45 pm


    Comment by OBO — October 30, 2007 @ 8:50 pm

  15. wow. there will be no other prison break so fox stop trying. A womas prison… not like a mans prison not to be sexist, but they will never cut off someones toe. and whats next prison break: juvy. seriouslly who agrees with me

    Comment by George — October 31, 2007 @ 11:25 pm

  16. who came up with cherry hill. that sounds like an iceream store

    Comment by George — October 31, 2007 @ 11:26 pm

  17. I would never watch "Cherry Hill", only the name makes me not want to see it. Love PB, but its true, the series are getting worse. First season was great, beginning of the second as well but then it went down hill, but it is getting better now. Think this should be the last season.

    Comment by Maria — November 3, 2007 @ 1:17 pm

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