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December 10, 2006

Magazine scans update

Hi, everyone. I hope your weekend is going great. Mine isn’t going so great. I’m stuck writing paper on Othello and finishing Stats assignment. Fun, eh? Anyway, I have uploaded some magazine scans to the gallery by donations.The first one is a French magazine call Cinetele Revue donated by Isabelle. And two scans from Aran again: Cuore and Teledodo (All TV). Thank you very much, ladies. You two are stars. Click on the thumbnails below to go to the albums.I don’t have the translations but if someone could then go ahead. If not then we are going to have to wait for Joanna to come around and translate the Cuore one. P.S., can you guys please please stop asking for Wentworth’s email? We have said it before we DO NOT have that information and even if we did, we wouldn’t give it to you. And it wouldn’t be because we are mean but because no one wants their emails parading around, especially if you are someone with WM’s status. So please do us a favor and stop. What we do is delete them and nowadays I can’t even delete my WMO emails for some reason. I have piles of them and I’m almost out of space.That’s it for now. Have yourselves a wonderful week.EDITED TO ADD: CUORE ARTICLE TRANSLATION Thanks, Paola!

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