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October 16, 2006

Magazine scans

Ahh another monday without Prison Break. Damn baseball! Sports is what Sports Net & TSN are about. I guess I’ll watch some old episodes. I was watching the last episode and one of the guys replacing our windows couldn’t tear his eyes away. His buddies were outside while he was inside the house. He was so distracted by the show that his buddies asked what was going on and he replied “Prison Break is on” LOL! I got into a conversation with him about the show and he said he had seen it a couple of times and loved it. Anyway back to the update. We have a couple of donations. First two sets are of Japanese magazine scans: MOVIE STAR & ROAD SHOW from mickeydrewme, OCTOBER 16TH ISSUE OF EW from Kandis. Thank you very much ladies. You are a star. Nina also sent us the EW scan but since we already had one via Kandis, I didn’t use hers. We appreciate the thought so thanks Nina. I picked up the premiere issue of Bobbi, a Canadian magazine. You can view the scan by clicking on GUYS WE LOVE. The break is almost over because Fox have released promocaps of DEAD FALL airing Monday October 23rd. Click on the link to view them but beware, they are spoilery. I wish I hadn’t seen those but I’m happy with what I saw. I take my words back.In Wentworth news: He’s going to be on Jimmy Kimmel Live on October 20th so be sure watch him. Click HERE for more details. If you absolutely can’t then don’t worry, we will have a clip up.And F.Y.I, Liz has fixed the problem with our Fanfiction Section so if you have a story featuring Went as a character (not as himself) then we hope you post it there and get the page kicking.

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