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June 30, 2006

High Quality Caps of ER

Hello everyone! I have uploaded high quality caps of Went’s appearance on ER courtesy of Zsuness. She sent them to me awhile ago but I was waiting for when we start having Wentworth withdrawls. So lots of hugs to Zsuness. She owns Marshall Allman Online [LJ] so if you are a fan of the cutie check out her site. It’s fabulous. Went is looking hot in the caps but dayum they are kinda disturbing to look at eh? Something funky is going on with the press page so I’ll post this Went tidbits here.Many of those same beautiful women might be on the lookout for Wentworth Miller, who became the show’s uncontested heartthrob during the course of season one. His character, Michael Scofield, orchestrated his own imprisonment as part of a grand plan to get wrongly accused brother Lincoln Burrows (Dominic Purcell) off death row and on the lam. Many magazine covers later, Mr. Miller is of two minds about sudden fame.”It has been an adjustment,” he says while we sit on handy wooden apple boxes during a break from filming. “Everywhere I go, I run into someone who’s a fan of the show. And that’s a good thing. You want people to love your work because you want to stay employed.”At the same time, I’m a very private person. I try to lead a very low-key life. And sometimes you just want to go to Chili’s and have a margarita and some chicken fajitas and not have the experience wind up on a Web site somewhere.”Mr. Miller says he’s driven through Texas several times on cross-country trips. And as a high-schooler, he spent a week in swim camp at the University of Texas.”Of course I only saw the inside of a pool, so I didn’t really get to explore what Austin had to offer. I’m really looking forward to having some time to check out Dallas. I’ve heard great things about the food, the culture and the JFK museum. There are a lot of things on my to-do list.”The show’s 22-episode second season is supposed to encompass just three weeks in the lives of its characters. This means the fugitives are stuck with their short-cropped prison haircuts. Or as Mr. Miller says, “So you’re not going to see me in dreadlocks by the end of the season.” SOURCEWelcome our new affiliates: Wentworth Online, Drew Fuller, Cameron Web, Bryan Greenberg Online, Call Me Den.net, Sarah Forever and Jonathan-Bennett.netThat’s it for now. Have a fantastic (long) weekend and HAPPY CANADA to my fellow Canucks. I’m off to see Billy Talent & Theory Of A Deadman tomorrow. WHOOHHOO!

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