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June 22, 2006

Well well well….

So the problem with the 2 people got solved. If they try this mess again I can easily have their site and take it down. I have talked to their hosts and domain owners and I have their NASTY emails they wrote to me and all I have to do is forward them to the host and domain owners and close them down for good or I can take over their domains and such. I am not a mean person who would do that so since they took it all off I said oh well fuck it I will give them another chance it just better not happen again because then I WILL KILL! LMAO!Anyways on other news nothing much is really going on in the Wentworth world. I have to fix a few clips in the gallery and get a new layout up for the gallery soon but as for now the gallery is offline. For some reason we are using FAR TO MUCH bandwidth like ALOT so from now on when we reach a certain amount of gigs used I will shut the gallery down until bandwidth resets and then I will put it back online. I am really sorry to do this (TRUST ME I REALLYYYY AM) but I have no choice and I hope you all understand. If you REALLY need to see a clip or need it for music videos PLEASE email me or Lydia and we can send you the clip you need. This is ONLY for people who really need it if you really dont please just wait until the gallery is back online which will be in the beginning of the week.

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