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May 3, 2006

High Quality pictures & Screencaps

First off, thank you to those who have voted for us and if you haven’t, then whatchoo waiting for? LOL! The voting is down for maintenance but please keep checking. Sara should open it again soon. Now to the goodies…someone said to me that Wentworth should always be in high quality. She was so right, close up Wentworth is just…God…okay I’m back now. I have uploaded these pictures awhile ago but I have uploaded the same sets this time in high quality. I must warn you, JUST OPEN THE WINDOW. Click on these links to view them, ONE, TWO, THREE and FOURAlso, Joanna has uploaded screencaps of The Bluff, The Key & Tonight. She’s working on the clips but it might take some time before she can load them. She’s switch internet service so the temp one she has now is slow.And finally, a welcome to our New Affiliates. I would list them but I got the mother of all headaches. I gotta turn in early. I will edit and add them tomorrow.

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