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April 28, 2006

Went at Prison Break End of Season Party

Hey guys, Went attended the Prison Break end of season party last night looking very yummy. I have uploaded 14 pictures from the event to the gallery and you can view them HERE. Also, you have seen them before but I have uploaded Went out and about talking on his cell phone and drinking Starbucks but this time they are in High Quality. You can view them HERE. They are the pictures without the yellow tags. And finally, a new interview has been added to the press page. READ! Here is a preview. LOL!DM: Did your father give you any tips on the English?WM: My father gave me a warning before I came to London a few years back to shoot a mini-series. He said be careful of the English, they have this charming, manipulative rhetorical tool that they use to win conversations by ending sentences with a question. When I came over I went out for a drink with my co-stars David Thewlis and Anna Friel. I repeated my Dad’s advice to them. Anna Friel said, “We don’t do that…..do we?”NOTE: We had to take down our Top Affiliates on the side column cause they were being a bitch. The list should be back up later tonight or tomorrow.YAY for WMO! We have been NOMINATED FOR BEST SITE DEDICATED TO A MALE at The Fansite Awards. The voting won’t start til May 1st so we hope y’all vote for us. We will put up a reminder. Hugs and Kisses for those who nominated us and Sara.

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