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April 27, 2006

Ellen clip, Image problems….

Uploaded a Wentworth CLIP from The Ellen Show he appeared on today. He looks as sexy as ever! I also uploaded some caps from the show as well. Also I haven’t been able to get eppy 18 and 19 of PB up but I will try to get it up before this weekend. A lot has been going on my end of the world so I have to take of that first. I hope ya all understand.An extremely nice fan sent us a possible conclusion for those of you who cannot view the images or videos. Try to do what they said and your problem should be fixed. Leave a comment letting us know if it had worked or not. Regarding images not showing up at your site. While creating a layout for a friend and uploading at her site, I’ve realized the hot linking protection messes up with how some people view the site. That is, some of them who are behind a firewall cannot see images. After some tests, I came to the conclusion that the users have to customize their firewall to see it. I had problems with your site myself, but after tweaking my “privacy control” features, I’ve solved the prob. Procedure’s to set Zone alarm correctly: click on “privacy”>click on the second tab “sites lists” (sorry, I’m translating from Italian so the tab title might be slightly different)>click on the “ADD” button>insert the url to https://wentworthmilleronline.com in the windows that pops up>OK. Now highlight the newly added url, and click on “Options”>if checked, uncheck all the following things (Block session cookies, clock persistent cookies, block 3d party cookies, disable web bugs, remove private header info). click Apply and OK. For Norton users, well, I don’t exactly remember as I don’t use it anymore. I’m sure that turning off the privacy control should do if the user doesn’t know how to customize his/her firewall. Hope that helps. Regards,

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