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April 14, 2006

Went out & about, Outtakes PB Behind the scenes and In Touch scan

First off, I got the emails about the links to the new articles not working. It was due to the server switch. Something crazy was going on, one minute I see some mails in my inbox, the next they are gone. Joanna says Gertie is still fixing stuff so everything should be fine soon. I reuploaded the articles and a new one. I had someone check and they were fine so I hope they are fine for everyone else.Secondly, I have uploaded CANDID PICS of Went out and about talking to some on his cell phone looking so hot, OUTTAKES from People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive shoot, PB BEHIND THE SCENES photos, and PB Episode 18 “THE BLUFF” promocaps. They are all courtesy of Jared at JustJared.com. Bless him!I have also uploaded a scan of Went in the latest issue of IN TOUCH. I want to give a shout out to Becca & Drea They both emailed us a copy. A part from UK Heat Magazine interview with Went typed by Leni on the forum.Q: Do you mind having your shirt off so much during filming?WM: Well, there is a strange dynamic where the camera does seem to add weight.My neighbour said i looked big! i told her that the camera adds 10lbs and she said “so how many cameras do they have on you?”Joanna is working on the clips so if there is a specific clip(s) that you want to see then email her and also she wants to make animations. She can customize one just for you on message boards. This is hers

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