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February 7, 2009

Episode 4.22: – Casting Sides

Kellerman Returns!?!?!

Let’s see according to SpoilerTV this is a few things that will happen in episode 4.22 click on more to read, beware you will be SPOILED!!

Two men bring Michael into the room and place him in a chair. Through another door Kendall and Solomon Okella enter. Kendall introduces Okella from the United Nations. He takes Scylla from Michael, examines it, and walks over to Okella. He turns Scylla over and realizes the magnetic piece is missing. Michael gives him the piece.

Brett saunters through the yard, his crew around him. He hears a quote from GATE. He approaches the inmate and asks for the book. He studies it and has a lot of reaction. Suddenly he flies into a fit of rage and shreds the book. “Don’t you ever bring that book back on this yard again!” he yells at the inmate.
The inmate is led to the electric chair and strapped in. The inmate stares straight ahead, trying not to cry.

Dr. Chaffin:
C-Note realizes that Michael is trying to call.
In the interior of a hospital a team of physicians examine the near comatose Don Self. Dr. Chffin asks if he is a diabetic or on medication that he needed. He tells his intern that he needs a CT, EKG and chest x-ray. Franco walks in and starts yelling at Self, asking him where Scofield and Burrows are. Self move his hand and nods his head.
In an abandoned restaurant kitchen Lincoln has his shirt open and Sara taps on his chest checking for blood and air in his lungs. Sara asks who they can trust and Lincoln says no one. Michael says they need to destroy Scylla.

Michael lowers his gun and turns to C-Note. He asks why he’s vouching for Kellerman. “Because he’s getting things done,” C-Note says. “He’s the only option right now.”
They flee the warehouse. Sucre and Michael help Lincoln, who is favoring his wound. They loud Lincoln into the Escalade and Michael drives away.

Michael walks quickly down the street, clutching his wounded shoulder, hoping to stem the blood. He stops and looks up, trying to see the building where he needs to meet Kellerman. Two men hop out of a van and pull guns on him. They tell him to get in the fan.
In an office the men bring Michael into a room and place him in a chair. He clutches Scylla. A door opens and Michael looks up. It’s Kellerman.

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