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March 22, 2008

Season 4 will reveal the dark side of Michael

{nl}In a recent interview with BBC, Wentworth Miller said that Prison Break Season 4 will reveal the dark side of Michael. “Michael at this point is making a very dark turn now that Sara’s dead,” he said. “I think the question of how far across the line a good man can go before you can no longer call him good, is one that I’m looking forward to answering.” Wentworth also revealed that he and his co-stars have signed contracts for seven seasons of Prison Break!! That said, Wentworth hopes it doesn’t run for that long. “I’m all for pulling the plug on our terms, you know, before someone else does it for us.” Wentworth also gave a quick recap of some of the fan mail he gets… “It’s very sweet to open up a personalised CD, or I happen to mention Oreo cookies in one interview and then I get a whole bag full.” As well as the mail from kids, girls and fans of the show, Wentworth said he also gets letters from real inmates from time to time.In other news:\Fourth season officially picked up!So we got word on{nl}Wednesday that we are officially picked up by the network for Season 4.{nl}This is great news. We are all very excited. We are moving offices onto{nl}the Fox Studio Lot next week and we had to say goodbye to the offices{nl}that were our home for the past 3 years … not really that sad{nl}because, well, c’mon, it’s just a frickin’ building. But my new office{nl}is about half the size with just a tiny window which normally would{nl}suck except for one thing … I get to go to work everyday with people{nl}I love and respect and I get to be creative. So I don’t really give a{nl}rat’s ass what our new offices look like! For those of you who{nl}celebrate Easter, have a great one. I will be at my home having Easter{nl}dinner with family (visiting cousins) and friends (including Prison{nl}Break writer Kalinda Vazquez) — it should be a nice weekend leading{nl}into an even better week of diving head-first into Season 4! Best, Nick(ps{nl}– I am WAY behind on answering myspace messages but I am getting{nl}dozens a day and have been so busy with PB, it is impossible to keep up{nl}with all of them, plus I get scores of emails to my website, so I am{nl}sorry if I didn’t get back to everyone, please don’t take it{nl}personally.)Source: Nick Santora’s Blog

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  1. That' s a great news for all PB fans. I'm very happy for that ;) ) Expecting the best as always ;)

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