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May 25, 2009

Prison Break: The Final Break Recap

Last week, we saw the explosive two-hour series finale of Prison Break.  This week, we were treated with another Prison Break two hour special.  Called “Prison Break: The Final Break.”  The story started off with Sara getting hauled off to prison after she was finally married to Michael.  She was arrested for murdering Christina.  That’s where the story starts to feel more like Prison Break’s former spin-off show, Cherry Hill.
At the female-penitentiary, we are greeted by new characters.  A few of the characters resembled a female version of T-Bag, named “Daddy” and of course Bellick, back when he was the king of Fox River. We also learn that our old friend, Gretchen was sharing the same prison.

Across the yard was the men’s side of the prison.  In that side, T-Bag and General Cranst were currently residing in.  Almost immediately they received word of Sara’s capture, and because the General was such a bitter old man, he put out a hit on Sara’s life.  Apparently Gretchen was the General’s inside ‘man’ inside the other prison.

When Michael learned about the hit on his wife’s life, he decided he had no other choice, but to once again stage a break out. We started to see more of the side of Michael we knew in first season, the plotting side.  He started going through newspaper clippings on the prison, and studied photographs.   Though newspaper clippings can only get you so far, Michael had Lincoln and Sucre stake out the prison, and find out where all the security cameras were placed, to find a blind spot.

That’s where Mahone made his re-entrance.  Apparently he was busy trying to get his old job back, but before they would allow that, he had to prove himself by spying on the brothers, which he told them about, to have them trust him while he really betrayed them. He went behind Michael and Lincoln’s back, and told Agent Wheatly, the head agent on the brother’s case, about what they were up to.

Wheatly acted upon Mahone’s intel, and installed a new security camera in Michael’s blind spot.  This put a giant boulder in his break out plan, but alas, he had another solution.  Drop onto the prison with a parachute to get Sara out of there.  Meanwhile, when Sara’s inmates try to stab her, Gretchen stops the fight, killing the assailant, earning Sara’s trust.  It seems Gretchen wants to escape with Sara, to give her daughter a gift she made on her birthday.  Sara really had no choice in the matter but to allow Gretchen to tag along.

Again, it appears Mahone betrayed Michael by telling Wheatly about the parachuting plan. Well, it was night, and the parachutist seemed to descend right on schedule.  Wheatly had his team ready to gun Michael down as soon as he landed, which they did.  I knew as soon as he had guns pointed in Michael’s direction he had something else planned, which he did.

While everyone was keeping an eye on the parachute, Michael made his way into the prison.  At the same time, Sara and Gretchen escaped the prison.  How? Apparently through an escape duct pipe.  I wish it were that simple in the first season.  Well Sara and Gretchen got outside, and immediately went to the church, because earlier, Michael sent her a decrypted message to “pray for us”.  Unfortunately, Gretchen was caught just outside the church, while Sara continued to escape.  Michael wasn’t too far behind, and also went into the church.  They went into the basement of the church, where there was a sealed door, and they waited for T-Bag to come through.

Earlier, the gang found out in order to see this through, they would need some help from T-Bag.  Lincoln told him they would pay him $5,000 to set a fire in the prison.  Apparently a fire drill that T-Bag would set off would distract them from looking in Michael’s way, while he set off the real fire.  When T-Bag’s money wasn’t wired, he went straight to the warden and told her Michael’s break out plan.  She ordered all the fire alarms and any other alarms to be stopped which they did.

Michael sat there at the sealed door, and waited until the alarms were stopped, as he originally planned, seeing T-Bag was a rat.  The stopping of the alarms allowed him to still set the fire without anyone noticing.  He opened the sealed door, and went to their exit door.  Unfortunately the door was also locked shut.  The cutting of the alarms did not open that door, as he anticipated.  There was only one solution left, he had to sacrifice himself.

With the last remaining smarts left in his head, Michael opened the power generator, and unplugged it, making the room dark.  He then cut apart two wires in the generator.  His last step was to connect the two wires, electrocuting himself, opening the doors and freeing Sara.   Wheatly wasn’t too far behind, but it was too late…she was gone.
T-Bag was put in solitary confinement for aiding and embedding Sara’s escape. All along, Mahone realized he betrayed them, and he realized his loyalty was with that group.  He gave Sara some paperwork, proving Michael was going to die anyway, due to the brain tumor that returned.  On a boat, Lincoln and Sara watched Michael’s very heartwarming goodbye video.  This ended the Prison Break story. At least his death felt more complete after watching this.

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