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September 30, 2008

Prison Break 4.06 ‘Blow Out’ Recap

In tonight’s episode of Prison Break, Michael and company stage a little scene at the racetrack. Bellick places a bet, then immediately tells the person behind the counter that she got it wrong. He causes such a commotion that the Operations Manager comes out of his office to get him to calm down and Michael takes the opportunity to sneak into his office. It turns out they’re searching for the 4th card holder of Scylla, who happens to be spending the day at the races with his wife. Lincoln fixes the race so that the horse the man bet on gets off to a slow start and he heads inside to complain, just as Michael wanted. As the man heads in the office of the Operations Manager, the device has been planted and Roland downloads the data to his computer. Unfortunately, as Michael and everyone head out, Mahone gets stopped by a security guard and punches him, resulting in his arrest.

Lincoln calls Don, telling him to get Mahone out of the police station and back in the warehouse with them. Though Mahone is using a fake alias, his cover will be blown when the cops run his prints. Meanwhile, Gretchen has escaped from the hands of Wyatt and made it to her sister’s house, who immediately takes her in and lets her clean up. She asks for a ceramic owl she once sent her from Germany, busts it open, and grabs the gun and credit cards inside before heading back out. The General decides to send Wyatt out to grab some info from Don, who is busy trying to bail Mahone out of jail.

Unfortunately, the LAPD isn’t so willing to give him up so Don makes him sign over his personal effects so that he can bring the device back to the warehouse and everyone can continue collecting the Scylla data cards. In a parking garage, Wyatt catches up with Don to warn him to leave The General alone. Michael stresses about leaving Mahone in prison but Sara tries to assure him that if the tables were turned, he would not be so quick to help him. Wyatt goes to the station, making sure that Mahone sees him, and finds out where and when his court date will be.

There is a huge revelation when we find out that Gretchen’s sister’s daughter is actually hers. She is not capable of taking care of her, nor was she ever, and she’s not about to start now. At Mahone’s hearing, Wyatt walks through the door, just as he said he would. Gretchen goes to retrieve information about a man that she claims is her dead husband and when an employee won’t give it to her, she assaults him. Sara shows up at the courthouse posing as Mahone’s lawyer and Lincoln cuts the lights. Sucre and Sara get him out of there before Wyatt can track him down. Gretchen tracks down T-Bag at Cole’s apartment, knocks him to the ground, and asks him with a gun to his face who the hell he is.

What did you think of the this week’s episode? Discuss in the comments or over at the forums! I will have screencaps and videos clips up shortly.

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September 29, 2008


Tune in tonight to watch an all new episode of Prison Break titles Safe and Sound! It looks like it is going to be an amazing episode! Also don’t forget to come visit us after the show for links on video downloads and screencaps!

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September 28, 2008

Bring Ratings Up

Ok everyone let’s see if tomorrow the show could pull in some good ratings, so everyone don’t forget to tune in and watch Prison Break on FOX at 9pm!

Here a promo of tomorrows episode:

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September 27, 2008

4.13 – Deal or No Deal – Casting Call

30s to early 40s, this man or woman reports on the GATE situation, in which two employees (T-Bag and Gretchen) brandished machine guns and took hostages…3 speeches, 1 scene

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September 26, 2008

Episode 4.13 – Casting Scoop

In this episode Michael and Lincoln find themselves betrayed by Self, with their options running out.

Casting spoilers include:

  • Patrick Chelios:
    30s, a powerful, sophisticated contact of Gretchen’s who’s interested in Scylla, he’s not actually the buyer, but a shadowy, hard-to-get-a-hold-of conduit who knows the kinds of people who’d be interested in Scylla. Somewhat enigmatic, Chelios meets with Gretchen and Self and acknowledges that he’d like to get his hands on Scylla if only to “kick the General in the teeth.” However, he notices something they don’t: Scylla is incomplete…GUEST STAR (47) RECURS IN NEXT EPISODE: 10/16-10/27.
  • Senator Conrad Dallow:
    Late 50s to 60s, senatorial, distinguished, Senator Dallow is working with Stanton on the best way to extricate themselves from the Scofield/Burrows debacle. Not entirely comfortable with Stanton’s more extreme tactics, Dallow has pretty much made his bed and now must lie in it. He understands that they are luring in Scofield’s crew with the intent to ultimately kill them, but is too worried about his own skin to argue with Stanton…GUEST STAR
  • Richard Sooter:
    30s to 40s, a serious man in a suit, Sooter’s a US Marshal who’s been sent to Stanton and Senator Dallow to get to the bottom of Scofield/Burrows situation. Sooter helps Stanton capture Linc and lure in Michael with a “promise” of immunity in exchange for their testimony. However, Sooter quickly understands that he’s not going to be part of Stanton and Dallow’s ultimate “excision” of the Scofield/Burrows problem, and takes matters into his own hands, killing Stanton and announcing his intention to take Scofield and Burrows to the General…GUEST STAR.
  • Anchorman:
    40s, this TV news anchorman reports on the GATE situation, in which two employees (T-Bag and Gretchen) brandished machine guns and took hostages…3 speeches, 1 scene
  • ND Agent:
    30 to 40s, male. This nondescript Company agent makes a comment during a briefing with General Krantz…1 line, 1 scene
  • Senior Advisor:
    40 to 50s, male. This senior advisor at The Company gives the General a piece of intel about Gretchen’s whereabouts…1 speech, 1 scene
  • Fed:
    30 to 40s, male. This federal agent leading a charge on Linc Burrows warns him to come out with his hands up…1 line, 1 scene
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September 25, 2008

2.06 Blow Out – Promo

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September 24, 2008

BAD NEWS!! PB might be cancelled??

Prison Break’s executive producer Matt Olmstead has admitted that the show may be axed in the near future.

In the wake of poor ratings for recent episodes, Olmstead told Entertainment Weekly: “There’s a shelf life to serialized drama. If this is the last season, we’re not mourning that because it’s been a great ride and we have a great season [ahead].”

In the event of the series being cancelled midway through the current run, Olmstead stated that the writers will “definitely have enough time to prepare for an appropriate ending. The season finale we have in mind could play as a season or series finale.”

However, he admitted that Prison Break’s producers have “absolutely been encouraged by the response” to the fourth season. “It took a while to get the right idea… and to have the audience supporting it is very gratifying.”

Come on guys seriously we can stop this from happening! We just have to tune in even if you are not watching it just turn on your TV!

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September 23, 2008

Episode 4.05: Safe and Sound – Recap

Last time on Prison Break, the gang went out to grab information from yet another computer card from the company, and in the meantime, T-Bag showed up in LA to pursue his dream of becoming an actor. The brothers and Mahone dressed up as policemen, and got the second card. In the last second of the episode, Wyatt is shown following Sara.

This episode started off right after last week left off. Wyatt was still following Sara, but after a quck check of her purse, she noticed Bruce’s card was missing. With a quick turn around, she noticed her pursuer. So Sara began running, didn’t look both ways before crossing the street, so she almost got hit by five different cars. All is good though, because she got away.


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September 21, 2008

Safe and Sound Promo

Ok guys tomorrow is an all new episode of Prison Break titled ‘Safe and Sound’. The ratings for Prison Break are going DOWN each week and if we want a FULL season the ratings have to go up, so everyone please tune in and watch the show and have your friends and family watch the show too. We need the ratings to go up!

Here is a preview for tomorrow’s episode!

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September 20, 2008

PB 4.05: Safe and Sound Sneak Peek 4


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