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September 23, 2008

Episode 4.05: Safe and Sound – Recap

Last time on Prison Break, the gang went out to grab information from yet another computer card from the company, and in the meantime, T-Bag showed up in LA to pursue his dream of becoming an actor. The brothers and Mahone dressed up as policemen, and got the second card. In the last second of the episode, Wyatt is shown following Sara.

This episode started off right after last week left off. Wyatt was still following Sara, but after a quck check of her purse, she noticed Bruce’s card was missing. With a quick turn around, she noticed her pursuer. So Sara began running, didn’t look both ways before crossing the street, so she almost got hit by five different cars. All is good though, because she got away.

Back at headquarters, Don takes a quick look at the photographs of the card holders, and notices a familiar face. The head of the U.S. Treasury building, Griffin. So their plan is to get to him, and get the card. Bellick and Sucre decide that their next step is to find T-Bag, because he has the book they need.

Next we see Mahone meeting his ex-wife, Pam, at a diner. No, they aren’t getting together to eat pancakes, Mahone was there to have his ex identify Wyatt. She points him out, and Mahone starts busting out crying, but its okay, Pam still loved him enough to give him a pat on the back, telling him everything will be just fine.

Still kicking back at Gate Co., T-Bag found some more clues to his mysterious bird book. Apparently if you spill a little hot tea on the book, something hidden appears on the pages.

So Don made it to the Treasury building, and met up with Griffin, who was not very happy to see him. Self made a false threat to buy time, but back at the warehouse, they weren’t getting any signal. But when Giffin opened his “crazy” safe, as Don put it, they realized that the safe held the computer card they needed. So the gang told him to get some blue prints, so they can figure out a plan.

Finally, Sara made it back to headquarters, and told the gang about the big scary guy that was following her. Mahone shoved a picture of Wyatt in her face, to which she confirmed it was in fact the same man who killed his son. Speaking about Wyatt, he made a little visit to see Gretchen, who was in terrible shape. He wanted to know why the team was in Los Angeles, as if she’d know.

At Gate Corporation, Bellick and Sucre miraculously found the right building where T-Bag was at, but the secretary didn’t give him up. Soon after, Sucre andBellick left when Michael phoned them, telling them that a plan has been set into motion, and he needed them. The secretary walked into T-Bag’s office, and they made a deal. She would get 3% of his commision from now on. Later on in the episode, a man came to visit T-Bag asking for Scylla, and if he doesn’t hand it over in three days, he is a gonner.

And indeed the plan was on. Don got the boys into the building, and set them on their way, but it was up to them from that point forward. Sucre set up the elevator so it went straight to the floor they needed, with no interuption. Next to Griffin’s room was another man’s office. Don took that man out to lunch so the boys could get to work. Michael and Lincoln jumped into an air duct and Lincoln noticed his brother’s nosebleeds for the first time, and asked how long it’s been happening. Michael shrugs it off, but Lincoln said something about nosebleeds being a big deal when he was 13 years old…

Sucre and Bellick acted as janitors cleaning up a mess on the floor to distract the secretary from seeing what was happening on the inside. Mike and Linc were making a huge hole in the wall to get to the computer card on the other side. All goes well until the Head of the Company waltzed into Griffin’s room to have a chat with him. It seemed he wanted Griffin’s card, so Michael quickly got the card out, and Roland immediatley started the download. Though I have to say, the download speed for this card was incredibly slow, perhaps dial-up? But Mike got the information of the card JUST in time, and they all left. [Quick question, when Michael got the card, why didn’t they all just bolt with the card?]

We have a new name for the Head of the Company, it appears he is called “The General.” Sara told Michael that she overheard Gretchen say his name once when she was held captive. SPEAKING of Gretchen, she pulled a Michael Scofield and escaped from her own prison. At the very end of the episode, The General was told that an agent named Don Self has been looking into him. So now The General knows about Don Self….I wonder what terrible things are going to happen to Don… I guess we’ll find out next week!

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  1. I’m from Poland and I like Prison Break Please write link from I can watch five episode online please

    Comment by pati — September 24, 2008 @ 1:08 pm

  2. i love pb!i m from greece, and i ve seen s04 e04!i love michael (wentworth miller)!im so happy sara is back!but im very very very sad cause mahone s son is dead:( omg he is so mean (Wyatt)he ve killed so many people only in 5 epis. i hate him!

    Comment by gogoulini — September 24, 2008 @ 2:11 pm

  3. I am a big fan of PB, I love Micheal, he is great . Watching S3, Sara is not in but heard she will be back in S4.
    Love u Micheal

    Comment by April — September 25, 2008 @ 5:01 am

  4. Please, please… I am in desperate need of my weekly fix of Wentworth in the most recent episode of Prison Break, 4×05 Safe and Sound. Usually there is a megaupload download link… this week, only screencaps. I beg you, please upload the new episode 4×05.

    Thank you for giving us a weekly fix of Wentworth, keep doing such wonderful work!

    We love ya!

    Comment by Elizabeth B — September 27, 2008 @ 1:46 pm

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