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May 29, 2009

Has Miller Been BioShocked?

Oh, how we love Twitter…It’s like the badlands of rumors and innuendo and now, apparently, unconfirmed-yet-tantalizing movie scoops.

Case in point: Wentworth Miller’s Twitter page. The Prison Break star recently posted a message on the site hinting at big things in the near future. Specifically, BioShock.

“Prison Break may be ending,” says the post, “but I’ve got things in the works. Hint… one word: Bioshock.”

It’s unclear whether Miller is suggesting that he might somehow be involved with Gore Verbinski’s big-screen adaptation of the blockbuster game or if he’s simply lending some voice talent to the upcoming sequel.

Hopefully, we’ll know more soon, but stay tuned into IGN Movies for more as it develops.


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May 28, 2009

Prison Break: Assessing the “Final Break”

For a moment, let’s return to the events of the Prison Break finale. Michael was successful at bringing down the Company, but not without the casualties, in this case, his mother Christina. Kellerman returns and gets everyone out of their loopholes–well, all but T-Bag, who was imprisoned for everything he’s done. Four years later, Mahone’s got a new wife, and Sara’s given birth to her son. And Michael, as we all know, died. We should also remember that there is a feature-length episode, “The Final Break”, that will be released on DVD in July, and it will explain everything that happened in those four years, including Michael’s death. The catch is, that one’s been leaked online.

Well, not exactly. “The Final Break” was, surprisingly, aired in other countries. Originally composed of two episodes–”The Odd Ball and Chain” and “Free”–it was first aired in Israel, which was the version that leaked, and will be aired in the UK tonight. For obvious purposes I shall talk about what happened in those episodes, although I won’t leak as many details, because technically we already know what happened. But that won’t stop me from posting this warning: there are possible spoilers up ahead, so unless you’ve seen it or are planning to buy the DVD, skip this part now!

But first, let’s look back at casting details that we reported months before the final episodes of Prison Break aired. Remember when the show’s producers were looking for actors to play female inmates in a totally different prison, raising speculation that the show’s spin-off, which will be based on a women’s prison, is going to push through? Turns out, that casting call is for “The Final Break”. All the characters mentioned there did show up–the toughened “husband”, the anxious jail warden, the mentally-unstable inmate, the guard with a grudge, and all will make a new inmate’s life a little harder.

And no, it’s not Gretchen. It’s Sara.


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May 25, 2009

Prison Break: The Final Break Recap

Last week, we saw the explosive two-hour series finale of Prison Break.  This week, we were treated with another Prison Break two hour special.  Called “Prison Break: The Final Break.”  The story started off with Sara getting hauled off to prison after she was finally married to Michael.  She was arrested for murdering Christina.  That’s where the story starts to feel more like Prison Break’s former spin-off show, Cherry Hill.
At the female-penitentiary, we are greeted by new characters.  A few of the characters resembled a female version of T-Bag, named “Daddy” and of course Bellick, back when he was the king of Fox River. We also learn that our old friend, Gretchen was sharing the same prison.

Across the yard was the men’s side of the prison.  In that side, T-Bag and General Cranst were currently residing in.  Almost immediately they received word of Sara’s capture, and because the General was such a bitter old man, he put out a hit on Sara’s life.  Apparently Gretchen was the General’s inside ‘man’ inside the other prison.


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May 21, 2009

Michael Was Always Slated to Die

The Man recently revealed that Michael was always slated to die.

I’m not actually sure what direction the show would have taken if there had been no writers strike. I am pretty sure that Sara would not have come back though. I think Michael still would have died, since the ultimate ending of the show was decided a long time ago and they always planned to stick with their original ending idea.

Without the strike we may have seen the introduction of different characters and the way the show reached its ending may have been different.

Beyond that, I don’t know anything specific.

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May 18, 2009

Latest from The Man

This is what The Man has replied to the question why Sara goes to prison.

Well that all depends, since at the beginning of season 4, Sara was there because she wanted to be, she was always free to go. since she wasn’t on the run, Kellerman wouldn’t have had paperwork for her. her shooting Christina is probably something no one would find out about………..unless there just happens to be a video of her doing it…..hmm.

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May 17, 2009

Prison Break: Series Finale Recap

This season on Prison Break , Michael (Wentworth Miller) and Lincoln (Dominic Purcell) have been on the search for Scylla, the one all encompassing Company document that they can use to secure their freedom. Lincoln got caught up trying to make a deal with the Company and ended up working for them. Michael and Sara (Sarah Wayne Callies) struck out on their own pitting brother against brother. Michael and Lincoln’s mother, Christina comes into the picture but later reveals that Michael and Lincoln aren’t related – Michael is her only son. Christina sets up a plan to assassinate the Prime Minister of India’s son and blame Lincoln and the Chinese for the murder. Now that tensions between India and China are running high, Christina planned to play the two countries off of one another to get the highest price for Scylla and all it’s military technology. Unfortunately for her, Michael and Lincoln steal the Scylla briefcase from her just before her plan was completely. Michael runs away with the case, the General and T-Bag (Robert Knepper) capture Sara while Christina captures Lincoln and both parties want Michael to turn over the briefcase. Who will he choose? The Love of his Life or Lincoln, his supposed brother and the man he’s spent the last couple of years trying to save?
Read more over at BuddyTV.com

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May 15, 2009

Finale Thoughts?

Well, the finale of Prison break just aired, now let me just say the episode was amazing and jaw dropping. I really loved how it eneded expect for the Michael part. I don’t want to give to much info out for those who want to stay spoiler free and still have not seen the episode. If you have seen the episode I wanna hear your thoughts on the show, go ahead and comment and let us know how you felt with the finale.

I must say though…..I cried.

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May 14, 2009

Wentworth Miller on Prison Break Finale

Wentworth Miller – Michael Scofield

Re: the finale reunites Michael and Lincoln with some old friends
“In the finale we see a couple of very familiar faces, people we thought were gone for good but clearly were not, but we’re glad to see them. I mean as actors you miss cast members who fall by the wayside for one reason or another and I think that the people we do get to say hello to and catch up with were, were fixtures the first season and second season, people whose presence was felt and was definitely missed after they were gone.”

Re: knowing this season was going to be "Prison Break’s" last
It’s very rare the show goes out on its own terms, you know, when you hear the word cancelled most of the time that means, you know, someone’s gonna pull the plug and the lights go out and everyone goes home. But we were able to finish out the season and that gave the writers time to address all the loose ends and really pull things together in a way that I hope is thrilling and satisfying for an audience that’s been paying their dues if you will for four years. I think they deserve a really good send off and that’s what we’re working hard to give ‘em.

Re: what we can expect from the series finale
When I think of the last episode I think there were definitely some surprises and some, some, some really electric unexpected moments. Again the show continues to surprise me in that we are a network show but we do things that you’d expect to see on cable, say, and not everyone gets a happy ending and I think some people might be taken aback by that but I think it’s also very true to the story that we’ve been telling all along. In a sense the story can only end one way and I’m really pleased that the writers and the cast and crew and everyone involved in the show have the cajones to really see it through.

Re: why he’s loved the "Prison Break" storyline
“It’s not a procedural drama. It’s not the same beats season after season. We intentionally throw out everything that we know works and reinvent ourselves every fall and we take risks like nobody else and I think by and large they’ve all paid off and the, the important side effect is that it keeps things interesting and new and fresh for the actors involved.”

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Latest from TV Guide

From TVGuide about PB finale: "Are we going to see Prison Break’s Michael alive in the flash forward at the end of Episode 22? At least give us a clue. — Dea
MATT: Oh, I’d be breaking my personal spoiling code if I told you who’s alive and not at the end of Friday’s season finale. What I am good with is saying that the "four years later" coda is done well, and is quite thorough. Among the things we get to see: Someone is sent to the electric chair, there’s an interesting romantic hook-up, and Robert Knepper was right – T-Bag’s fate is an absolutely perfect one."

Source: TV Guide

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May 13, 2009

3 New Sneak Peeks on Finale!


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