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February 15, 2009

4.23 Casting Call

Prison Break – Episode 4.23: The Old Ball and Chain – Casting Call

After reading this, with all the women inmates, I’m wondering if this is establishing the set-up for a Cherry Hill spinoff. Thoughts?

Federal Agent Todd Wheatley
Late 30s, no-nonsense, condescending and smug, he has a strong, intimidating presence. Wheatley is determined to thwart Michael’s every move, and always seems to be one step ahead.

Daddy (Female)
This tough, powerful, older inmate at Miami-Dade Women’s Prison runs the motor pool detail and has fashioned a family for herself on the inside. Known as “Daddy,” she’s a stern but fair “parent” and “husband” to a select group of female prisoners. She offers a new inmate protection and gang membership. Daddy also has influence over certain guards.

Warden Alice Simms
In her 40s, “an insecure bureaucrat with higher aspirations who’s using the job as a ‘tough on crime’ resume builder,” she is the Warden for Miami-Dade Women’s Prison. Worried about the public embarrassment should her high profile prisoner manage to escape under her watch, she refuses to allow visitation.

Blue Phillips (Male)
In his mid 30s to mid 40s, sharply-dressed and purposeful, he is an attorney who is unable to keep his client out of prison but does arrange supervised visitation for the prisoner’s spouse.

Cowler (Female)
30s-40s, this hard-hearted, slightly lascivious female prison guard is unmoved by a new inmate’s life-threatening condition until Daddy suggests she get a doctor. Cowler is later susceptible to Gretchen’s charms.

Tracy (Female)
30s to 40s, this prison guard appears to be sympathetic to a new inmate’s plight, but quickly reveals herself as a brutal enemy with a grudge.

Mid 20s to early 30s, this pretty but tough, submissive inmate is one of Daddy’s “kids” who acts out occasionally but cowers when Daddy reprimands her.

This pretty but tough inmate, mid 20s to early 30s, Daddy’s “wife,” is jealous of a new inmate.

In his 40s, this male doctor at the women’s prison direly explains to a new inmate how her baby’s birth will go. His words belie his calm, matter-of-fact bedside manner.

Detective Marlin
A cop in his 60s, he breaks up a tender moment between two newlyweds by brandishing an arrest warrant.

Bearded Man
This bearded man in his 40s to 50s who seems mysterious is revealed to be a pastor.

In his 30s, this wily, resourceful con at the Miami-Dade Men’s Prison has a sinister counteroffer for T-Bag to take to Krantz.

Calvin Daniels
In his 40s, a smooth, dangerous attache-type hitman, he meets with Krantz in prison to discuss a sinister plot.

This good-looking man, 40ish, is Pam’s new boyfriend who awkwardly meets Mahone while grocery shopping.

Skittlez (Female)
30s to 40s, this mentally unstable, over-sized and very intimidating prisoner has her eye on a new inmate.

Guards (Female)
30s to 40s, these guards at a women’s prison order the cons to line up and get inside.


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