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February 16, 2009

4.23 Casting Sides

Some new casting sides for the extra episodes of Prison Break. Some fans speculate that this is the intro for a Prison Break spin-off, whereas others feel that Barry and Teresa are code names for Michael and Sara. What do you think?

Agent Wheatley:
Federal Agent Todd Wheatley approaches the car and asks Harry Connors where he is headed. The two argue and Wheatley threatens to keep Connors’ wife (Teresa) in prison for longer than necessary if he doesn’t cooperate.

Back inside a loft Wheatley checks out Connor’s photos and shoebox mock-up of the prison. Connor insists it’s impossible to get in. Wheatley doesn’t believe him, but leaves anyway.

Teresa stumbles her way towards the door where Cowler, a prison guard, stands. Teresa insists she is having muscle spasms and needs to go to the infirmary. She thinks she’s suffering from rat poisoning. The guard says it’s government cheese, and get used to it. Teresa insists if she doesn’t get help in the next fifteen minutes – she and her baby will die. Daddy, another inmate walks up, and suggests to Cowler that Teresa get to see the inmate. Cowler sighs and radios it in.
After a shower Gretchen gets dressed and sidles up to Cowler. She says that she’s willing to reciprocate for a favor, and runs her hand up her arm.

Teresa sits on a bed, her face bruised. Daddy sits down next to her and says that she’s there to help Teresa get adjusted, she knows all the guards and most owe her a favor. Teresa says she appreciates it, but can take care of herself.

Later Teresa and Daddy are doing oil changes and Daddy talks about having a “family” in prison.

Teresa sits across from a male doctor in the infirmary. He says that she got the charcoal lavage in time. He asks her how she got her bruises but she brushes him off. He tells her that she won’t have a run-of-the-mill pregnancy and she asks about delivery. He says that she will deliver in a hospital down the road, armed guards at the door, and she’ll have 30 minutes with the baby.

Warden Alice Simms:
Agent Wheatley meets with Warden Alice Simms. He tells her that Teresa is an escape artist’s wife.

Later Barry barges into her office, demanding extra security for his wife. He wants her transferred to another facility.

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