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March 16, 2009

Season Finale Not Airing in US?

According to a recent post on , it looks like US PRison Break fans may not be watching the two hour extra footage for the season finale.

According to Preston Beckman, who is in charge of primetime scheduling for FOX TV broadcasting network …

We wanted to end the show after 16 episodes this season and not bring it back for six additional episodes. That was the plan. There was pressure put on us by our studio to make an additional 6 episodes. We at the network said that we could not bring the show back on Monday and that we would have to find a place for them on another night and that would be an insult to the fans. It was not our intent to make the six additional episodes.

Finally when we agreed to the additional 6 we were not aware of another two hour “finale” that the studio decided to make.

We told them we had a plan for the final 6 episodes and did not need another two hours and to be honest we do not plan on airing it. I can tell you that the six hours that we air in April and May will have a conclusion and that the additional two hours will not further the story beyond the conclusion that will air on FOX.

What are your thoughts? I just hope this isn’t true, that means we wont see the ‘possible’ future of MiSa married with a baby!!

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