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November 24, 2008

Prison Break Really Over?

Well it seems as if Wentworth and Sara are both speaking out about the end of Prison Break, can this really be happening?! Is my favorite show of all time coming to an end very soon!? Check out the video to find out, click on more to view the second video.


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November 23, 2008

P4.14 Promo Stills

These stills are extremely low quailty and are the size of like a thumbnail but I still think you would all like to see it so here it is, I will not be posting these in the gallery until I come across better quality one but until then enjoy these. I will say that one of these pic is of Michael looking at a body on the floor, whose body is it? Click below to continue and find out who it is whether the person is dead or just knocked out we will not know until the show airs.


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November 22, 2008

Prison Break Spoilers

Well seems as if The Man gave us an earl weekend present, he just spilled some spoilers for us and you all know how much we love that, I know many of us are really bummed out about the new of Wentworth saying Season 4 is the last season but maybe these spoilers will cheer us up a little bit, we have to enjoy the last of this show as much as possible.

CONTINUE BELOW TO READ THE SPOILERS! Make sure you leave a comment on what you think about the spoilers.


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November 21, 2008

Stephen King doesn’t miss PB!

With Wentworth himself confirming rumors that Prison Break is on the outs, here’s one die-hard Prison Break fan who will be sad to see the series go: Stephen King!

King recently appealed to Entertainment Weekly readers on behalf of his favorite series, which stars the one and only Wentworth Miller. King says of the show: “I love Prison Break madly, deeply, truly.”

King gives a full, in-depth recap of the story so far… probably with the hopes that readers who have never tuned in will be intrigued enough to start watching before it’s too late!

If Prison Break does get a 5th season (which would be AWESOME!), King has an outlandish idea for where to take the show: “For season 5, I hope it’s a gulag in Siberia.”

You can see his whole article on EW .

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Season 4 is the last!?

Wentworth Miller told a French tv channel called Canal +, in an interview, that Prison Break was going to end this season. He says that the whole crew knows it and that a fifth season would only be for the money and he doesn’t want to be a part of this.


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November 20, 2008

Sneak Peek at Episode 4.12, ‘Selfless’

BuddyTV has a sneak peek, with some minor spoilers, of the upcoming Prison Break episode ‘Selfless.’

Head on over and check it out!

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Wentworth Miller is a lot like… Obama?

Well, according to the Chinese, he is!

Channel NewsAsia reports (You can read the whole article ):
“Change is in the air for America with Democrat Barack Obama heading to the White House come January. As the first non-White US president-elect, Obama may be pleased to know that he appeals to the young in China.

Hollywood actor Wentworth Miller and Barack Obama have a lot in common. The US president-elect and the star of American TV series “Prison Break” are both of mixed parentage, including African blood, and they are both popular with the new generation in China.”

Maybe that’s why Wentworth was in Beijing in October helping promotoe the Me & City flagship store for the Chinese clothing company Metersbonwe.

Here’s Wentworth in Beijing. It’s no wonder the Chinese love him!

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Two new candid albums!

We’ve got two big new candid albums, one of Wentworth traveling, and one of him eating at Baja Buds in Santa Monica yesterday. Check them out and enjoy. Wentworth looks so good in aviators!

Here are links to the albums, and a few highlights. But there are 15+ pictures in each album, so check out them all!

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November 19, 2008

Episode Reviews

BuddyTV has two great articles up about this week nail-biter of an episode.

Check out the review of Quiet Riot and a piece on the on-going Michael vs. Scylla  battle.

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Vote Now

Hey everyone,

Go on over to BuddyTV.com and vote for your favorite Prison Break video now! Anything with Wentworth Miller!

Tell us what you voted for in the comments!

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